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Youth group Tree Decorating Party

Sat., December 1, 2018  3:00 PM


Sunday, December 16 at 10:00 AM… Our Annual Christmas Pageant

2018 Christmas Pageant Poster



Help Wanted:

Offering a great opportunity with minimal commitment.  Please consider becoming a Bible Adventure Time teacher for one month.  We are trying a new approach with rotating teachers.  This creates an opportunity for folks to be part of a great team that invests a small time in the future faith development of our churches youngest learners.  Please contact Gidget if you are interested.  All materials needed and well-planned lessons are included.


Youth Group Bible Study

We are moving on to a new curriculum with our Youth.  The book is titled Nothing Short of the Truth.  This book begins a lesson with a Disney short movie.  The movie is a kick off point for great conversation and learning with our youth group with a focused lesson tied to each film.  The current set up is an adult leader for each lesson. We are currently meeting the 4th Sunday of each month during Bible Adventure Time.

Here is where you come in – looking for adults that want to be blessed with this opportunity to learn with while leading a lesson.

Please contact Heidi if you are interested.  It really is awesome to see how insightful these kids are.




Community Service:

      The Youth Group will be in charge of checking the St. Pauly’s clothing shed on the church property each Sunday.

We will also be sending pout items to our Military deployed folks.  The youth group will be assembling packages with items that will be purchased in part by Women’s Fellowship and also by money raised from our Tastefully Simple gift basket raffle.


HELP Wanted: Looking for aspiring Puppeteers.

We have such a great resource of puppets in our church. We need to know if there are some aspiring puppet actors that would be willing to have at least 4 puppet skit contributions a year during worship services. Please let Heidi or Pastor Putnam know if you want to be included.