Castile United Church of Christ

4 Washington Street, Castile, NY 14427

Mission Opportunities


‘Meals & Memories’


This is a Community Outreach of the Castile United Church of Christ Women’s Fellowship Group. All are Welcome!!! For more information contact the Church Office at 493-2840.


Comfort Quilt Project

   This is an ongoing Mission’s outreach project for the Women’s Fellowship. We encourage anyone who enjoys sewing or crocheting to construct lap size quilts either 3 ft. by 4 ft. or 4 ft. by 5 ft.

   These quilts will then be donated to different charity organizations for distribution.

We are always collecting.


Scrap  Metal Mission Project          

Items that CAN be donated are: steel, Ÿ cast iron, Ÿ copper, Ÿ brass, Ÿ stainless steel, Ÿ aluminum, Ÿ coated electrical wires, Ÿ batteries,  Ÿ lawn mowers Ÿ electric motors, Ÿ old machinery,  power tools, Ÿ tools, Ÿ pots and pans or any item along these lines would be greatly appreciated.

Items that CAN NOT be Accepted:   T.V.’s Ÿ computers Ÿ air conditioners Ÿ freezers, refrigerators (or any item that has Freon in it.            .                   Pickup is Available!!

Contact Chuck Klein at 1-585-567-8204.

Christian World Mission News



SERRV     New SERRV items have arrived and will be on sale soon. These items make a meaningful gift while helping out others in need.

If your looking for specialty items, contact Mary Reagan who has a SERRV catalog.


“Snack Paks for Kids”

It’s that time again to start collecting items to put in the Snack Paks backpacks…

Please place them in the Baker Entryway…AND THANK YOU!


Bread for the World

On Sunday, October 30th, our church will join thousands of other churches across the country in celebrating Bread for the World Sunday. In our worship, we lift up our prayers for those who struggle with hunger—and rededicate ourselves to efforts that help end hunger.

Our prayers and our actions are especially urgent at this time. Severe drought and civil strife have caused acute malnutrition in Ethiopia, South Sudan, Syria, and other parts of the world. Poverty and violence have pushed many in Latin

America to leave their homes and risk everything to escape. Through our involvement in Bread for the World, we are advocating for humanitarian

assistance and long-term solutions to hunger.

Putting our faith in God who listens to our cries for help (Luke 18:7), we renew our prayers for all those who suffer from need or injustice. We also pray that our newly elected leaders will govern with wisdom, encourage healing, and work for a future in which all have an opportunity to prosper.

Our faith is in Christ, who makes all things new, and we place our hope in God’s vision of a world without hunger.


Bread for the world is a collective Christian voice urging our nation’s decision makers to end world hunger at home.